Luke 2:21-39 – Day 6

What did the appearance of Jesus mean to Simeon and to Anna:

That the consolation of Israel and the redemption of Jerusalem was at hand.  And they both could die in peace now that the birth of Jesus, the promised Messiah, was fulfilled.

What, according to verses 30-32, was to be the scope of His work:

A light for revelation to the Gentiles and for glory to your people Israel.

This is the first time I realized that it is mentioned early in the life of Jesus, Simeon states that Jesus also came to save the Gentiles.

Verses 34-35. What was to be the effect of Jesus’ coming on different classes of people?

Jesus coming had the same effect on all classes of people, to treat all the same, whether poor or rich, for all are God’s creation.

What would be the cause of men’s falling and rising:

Jesus is to be a sign that will be opposed so that the inner thoughts of many will be revealed.