Luke 2:1-20 – Day 5

What may we learn from the circumstances of our Savior’s birth, and the status of His first worshipers:

He came into this world with meager surroundings and his first worshipers were shepherds, considered “lowly” by many in their society.  The lowly were the first to be introduced to Him.

What do the angel’s message and the rejoicing of the heavenly host teach us of the importance of the birth of Jesus?  How is the shepherds’ response to this message an example to us:

For angels to appear and tell the shepherds what took place in Bethlehem is an act of God, of highest importance!  The shepherds believed this message was from God above capped with the singing of the heavenly host.

The shepherds response is an example of how we should respond to God!  To trust and believe in Him and the message He sends us.

Verses 1-7.  How do these verses illustrate that God controls all human affairs, effecting His own purpose through the free actions of men:

I don’t know how to answer this question.  God gives us free will, so we can do as we please, so how does God control all human affairs?, especially through the “free actions” of men?  Did God want Jesus born in a manger to show us to accept the humble as we would the rich?  The humble are just as important to God as any other of His creation?  Treat everyone with respect because you don’t know their history, where they came from, or where they are going.