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Luke 10:25-42 – Day 47

Consider the summary of the law in verse 27.  Is it an adequate summary?  How does Jesus’ story guard against a misinterpretation of it?  Who is your neighbor?  And how can you prove yourself to be a neighbor?

Verse 27 basically states to Love all as God loves you!  Love must overrule all law.  My neighbor is everyone.  I can prove myself as being a neighbor by being ‘the’ neighbor.

Verses 38-42.  Martha and Mary were concerned about different things.  Which did Jesus consider the more important, and how did He solve the tension between them?

It is more important to spend time with Jesus daily, than to spend all your time serving Jesus.  We need to recharge our batteries, and that is what Mary was doing when she listened to Jesus, instead of serving Him.

Luke 10:13-24 – Day 46

What do these verses show of the greatness of our privileges in Christ?  In how many of them are you sharing?

In the name of Jesus Christ we can do great things!  I think the greatest thing we can share is Jesus Himself.  Today I went and saw my wife’s 98 year old aunt in the hospital.  She had a heart attack yesterday and one today also, she was not doing well.  She was in great pain, her chest and back hurt, they gave her morphine to help.  We talked some about what to do in case she passes, she cried for her two cats, what would happen to them?  They are like her kids she never had.  She is one who has no faith in God, but yet knows that Cheryl and I do.  So I asked God to give me the courage to talk about Him to her, which I did, and she was not interested.  I feel like I did my ‘duty’ to ask, but I wonder if I asked in the proper way, or if there is a proper way?  It saddens me that she just does not believe in God, but as we know, God has given each and every one of us free will.

Verses 21-22.  What caused this outburst of joy?  What does this prayer teach us of (a) Father’s method of working, (b) Jesus’ unique relationship to the Father?

Jesus rejoiced in knowing He could share His relationship with  His Father with whomever he chooses.  The Father is no longer hidden, for He and Jesus are one.  God the Father worked through Jesus as one and Jesus showed the Father to all He wanted too.

Luke 9:57-10:12 – Day 45

9:57-62.  How would you describe the three different types referred to here?  Why was Jesus not satisfied with their response to His summons to follow Him?  Contrast Jesus’ own attitude (verse 51).

The three different types?  Like, WHAT????  I’m lost at this question.  My trusty commentary said you must have total commitment to follow Jesus.  Look forward, not side to side.  You must commit fully, not partly, you’ll miss so much if you only partially do it, just as you might end up not doing it at all, like how the seed was planted along the paths.  Verse 51, Jesus set His eyes on Jerusalem, and He went straight there.

10:1-12.  How do these verses show the urgency both in Jesus’ own concern for evangelism, and in the work He gives to His disciples?  What is the reason for this urgency?  In what activities ought it to make us engage?

Go and do the work of the Lord.  Don’t delay, if a house or town accepts you, stay and teach.  If a house or town rejects you, shake the dust off your feet and proclaim to the people there that ‘the Kingdom of God has come near.’  The urgency is that the harvest is plentiful but the laborers are few.  We must engage in learning God through studying His word, so we know how to engage others.

Genesis 26 – Day 44

Why did Isaac fail so badly after receiving striking promises from God?  What was different about his reaction when the promises were repeated?

Because he did the same as his father Abraham, he told the people in the foreign land that Rebekah was his sister, not his wife.  Or maybe, he became too rich, so he was forced out of the land by the king?  God blessed him mightily, 

What can we learn from the quarrel over the wells concerning the way to behave in the face of opposition or hostility?

Isaac just kept moving and dug more wells and God blessed the wells as Isaac’s servants dug them.  Isaac put his trust in God!

Genesis 24:61-25:34 – Day 43

What light do we get from this portion on the kind of man Isaac was?

Isaac was kind and rugged.

Contrast Jacob and Esau, as described in 25:27-34, in their habits, character and spiritual outlook.  What lesson is drawn in Heb. 12:14-17 from Esau’s conduct in regard to his birthright?

Esau was immoral and godless, per Heb. 12:14-17

Review Abraham’s life.  What gives him an outstanding place in world history and makes him a conspicuous example to us all?

Abraham trusted God fully!  From leaving his land, to lifting up the knife to slay Isaac, per God’s instructions.  When God spoke to Abraham, he listened to God and did as God said.