About Dave


It all started videotaping his oldest son’s 5th grade football and basketball games with a VHS-C camcorder.

Dave then upgraded to an HD camcorder to record Elk Rapids High School football games, a passion he loves and continued to do from 2006 through the 2015 football season.

In-between all of this Dave also video-taped his youngest son’s football, basketball and soccer games and took numerous photographs at each son’s baseball games throughout their high school careers.

By trade Dave is a graphic designer.  His love for art and design started at a young age and has continued through the years.  Dave graduated from the University of Michigan with a BFA and worked for a year at Dow Chemical as an Industrial designer.

After a short stint in California working for a quick-print shop in Santa Monica, he became home-sick and moved back to Michigan. Dave returned to Dow and worked for another five years, to which in that time got married to his best friend and now wife, Cheryl.

Dave chose to leave Dow Chemical to freelance.  Computers were coming into their own, especially in their graphics capabilities and he purchased his first home computer, an Amiga 1000, and several upgrades followed.

Soon Dave became a full time stay-at-home dad after the birth of his first born.

When a position with Ameritech Advertising as a graphic artist was offered to him doing yellow pages advertising, he accepted.

He and the family moved to the greater Detroit area to be closer to work. He then he moved into management as a trainer/staff person who was responsible for the graphic specifications of the ads for the yellow pages.

With three and one-half years of management under his belt, with the traveling involved as a trainer for the Ameritech region, and with the two, yes, two boys growing fast, Dave decided it was time to leave management and be able to spend the time and energy needed to watch his boys grow and enjoy their extra-curricular activities.  So Dave returned as a graphic designer for Ameritech/SBC/AT&T as a spec artist for a Sales office in northern Michigan.

Dave started to put together highlight videos of some of the games he videotaped.  In 2010, Elk Rapids went undefeated during the football season, so he used that material for some of the video’s you can watch from this website.  Dave wants to further his “video design” work as he looks forward  to expanding his video editing skills.

So stay tuned, there is more fun to be had with new videos.

Dave currently is a graphic designer with a local firm that sells medals and awards. Business is doing well, and so is Dave’s career.

Video Design / Graphic Design